About Us

Self-Care For All:

Things are happening around us at a fast pace and with that I found myself seeking self-care services.  Self-Care Hub USA (SCHubUSA) is an online resource that connects you to an unlimited amount of self-care services.  if you're like me, searching for that support can often times be challenging. That is why I created a space where you could find the perfect service for your specific needs.  SCHubUSA is the first of it's kind, a hub for online resource exclusively curated for our members. We are dedicated to serving your self-care needs throughout North America, a one-stop-shop for your personalized self-care.  This space was created to help you feel confident in the options we provide.  We want you to think of us as your caretaker, your personal concierge, let us do the work.  

We provide two types of services. Our concierge service means we will assist you in picking the service you require. Our self serve option lets you pick and design your own self care.  With both of our service model.  Whichever option you pick requires that you become a member.  

Tell us what you want and we will develop a package that will align with your budget and lifestyle.  Our goal is to eliminate some of the obstacles of browsing the internet.  Let us take care of your self-care needs. At Self-Care Hub USA, we believe that self-care is not limited to a small section of society, rather,  we are of the opinion that self-care should be available for all in our society.  self-care is something that is self-initiated with deliberate actions to sustain health, keep the disease at bay, and to assist with managing your long-term illnesses.  Self-care is you taking your power back.

What is Self-Care?

It is by no means simply about the maintenance of your physical needs like how much sleep you get, or the type of nutrition intake, or how much much gallons of water you drink daily, or your emotional well being.  self-care is "You Doing You". 

Self-Care is Your Choice- Pick One

 Self-Care Hub USA is a one-stop-shop for your self-care needs.  The hub will allow you to expand your activities with meditations, retreats, spa treatments, yoga, therapy, home detoxing, menu planning, non-toxic skin care products, pampering yourself, and focusing on your emotional relationship with your health.